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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Interdisciplinary (IDIS)
Evidence-Based Clinical Relevance of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Evidence-Based Clin Biochem
Spring 2016
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Discussion Group
Field Work (Internship)
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Teaching and learning of basic science subjects in medical school is a great challenge for both instructors and students especially the students in the 3rd and 4th clinical year because formal basic science education mostly stops at the end of the preclinical years and, in the clinical years, a significant number of students demonstrate informally or formally that they often do not use basic science concepts as a background for clinical statements most likely due to poor retention of basic science knowledge. This seems especially true of biochemistry and molecular biology. One possible explanation for this is that although students learn medical relevance of biochemistry and molecular biology materials in the preclinical years, these materials taught and learned may at times be abstractive, overly simplified, incomplete, and not fully applicable to some clinical cases, especially cases that are complex and fall in a grey area where conventional thinking is challenged. Therefore, this elective course aims to help students to refresh and retain the biochemistry/molecular knowledge they had once learned based on tangible examples; in addition, this course adapts the philosophy and certain basic EBM principles to conscientiously, explicitly, and judiciously integrate biochemistry and molecular biology topics with the best evidence of their clinical applications. At the end of the course, students will not only have achieved in-depth learning of the medical relevance of specific biochemistry/molecular topics based on the best clinical evidence but also have developed advanced skills of conducting an EBM exercise to answer a specific patient question using not only clinical knowledge but also basic science knowledge. There is also the potential for converting the work done during the elective into possible publication.
• Assess how medical relevance of biochemistry/molecular biology information fits with medical realities by systematically researching biomedical literature. • Formulate clinical statements, identify and assess relevant information, and write answers to patient-related questions using biochemical and molecular biology information as background. • Enhance the skills associated with life-long learning and the practice of evidence-based medicine (reading and interpreting the medical literature, medical informatics, etc.).

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