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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Environmental Studies (ENVR)
Environmental Studies Capstone
Environmental Studies Capstone
Spring 2016
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This capstone seminar provides undergraduate environmental studies majors with the opportunity to build on coursework in disciplines relevant to the major. Course components include discussion of foundational texts in environmental studies and group work on a local environmental theme. Students work with the GW Career Center on professional presentation skills, resume and cover letter writing, and analysis and synthesis skills building.
1. Analyze scientific information regarding environmental issues, and evaluate public policy that emerges in response to them 2. Evaluate the extent and impact of human activity on local, regional and global environmental systems 3. Apply key decision-making constructs to environmental policies 4. Use the scientific method and its applications in solving problems 5. Develop the skills necessary to analyze data sets, documents, graphic documentation, maps and other sources of information related to environmental issues 6. Develop an informed position on environmental issues affecting the locale where you live 7. Work collaboratively with others by participating in problem-solving and decision-making situations pertaining to environmental issues 8. Create a strategy for professional development using learning from Environmental Studies major
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