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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
History (HIST)
History of FBI Counterintelligence
Hist FBI Counterintelligence
Spring 2016
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The issues, controversies, and personalities that have played critical roles in the history of FBI foreign counterintelligence development.
1. Identify the basic definitions which have routinely been applied to the function of counterintelligence throughout the twentieth century. 2. Recognize the major English-language scholarly works on the American history of counterintelligence in the twentieth century with an emphasis on FBI activities. 3. Examine the key historical issues and debates in the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 4. Debate the utility of the FBI’s tactics and methods used in the pursuit of foreign espionage agents and the collection of foreign counterintelligence information. 5. Describe the concepts and tactics including double agents, electronic interception and recruitment operations to historic and contemporary cases.
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