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Sustainability (SUST)
The Sustainable City
The Sustainable City
Spring 2016
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Prof. Lisa Benton-Short, Prof. Sean Cleary, Prof. Royce Francis, Prof. Chris Kelmek, Prof. Chris Leinberger, Prof. Greg Squires
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This course will explore the connection between cities and sustainability. We consider sustainability from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives and examine some of the most pressing and critical issues that must be addressed in order to create a sustainable city.
By the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to 1) Explain range and complexity of both theory and practice of urban sustainability 2) Know and describe the ways in which cities approach sustainability and to appreciate the controversy and debate that revolves around many of the issues 3) Understand the complexity of urban sustainability in terms of economic development, environment and equity both in history and today 4) Articulate and analyze the problems of and solutions to uneven and inequitable development 5) Appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability and how different disciplines contribute to sustainability solutions 6) Identify and explain how Washington, D.C. reflects (now and in various periods) uneven, inequitable and unsustainable development
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