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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Organizational Sciences and Communication (OSCM)
Professional Communication
Professional Communication
Fall 2016
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graduate students


Christine Clapp
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Principles and theories of advanced public communication used in organizational and professional environments; job interviewing, providing performance appraisals, designing and delivering instructional materials, facilitating and participating on panels, and other professional presentations.
*Demonstrate, both orally and in writing, sophisticated command of the principles of public communication in professional contexts. *Evaluate and channel nervous energy into enthusiasm while presenting (thus avoiding distracting behaviors) *Create and deliver well-structured and supported presentations *Generate and seamlessly incorporate useful visual aids into speeches *Respond to questions off the cuff with poise and polish *Critique the strengths and weakness of speeches (delivered by oneself and others) in a tactful manner *Refine interview techniques relevant to both sides of the process *Synthesize leader feedback into honest and constructive performance appraisals
Currently offered as ORSC Special topics- converting into permenent class for Comm MA program
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