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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Speech and Hearing Science (SPHR)
Preparing the Thesis Prospectus
Thesis Prospectus
Spring 2016
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speech and hearing sciences master's thesis students

SPHR 6210 - Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hancock, A., Core, C., Brundage, S., Wallace, G., Mahshie, J., Subiaul, F., Thotharthiri, M.
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For first-year graduate students. Introduction to the fundamentals of quantitative research design and procedures in the speech and hearing sciences. Critical evaluation of research in speech and hearing sciences; scientific writing skills; the process and expectations for conducting thesis research. Students register for SPHR 6210 for 1 credit.
1. Find, describe, evaluate research literature to develop a rationale for testing whether an independent variable effects a change in a dependent variable (or testing whether two measures are correlated). 2. Describe specific materials and procedures necessary to answer that question- including consideration of confounding variables, and validity and reliability of instrumentation and procedures. 3. Write a document that conforms to the standards for research activity in SPHR.
The two credits for this course are two of the 6 thesis credits required by the CCAS graduate office. It allows thesis students and their thesis advisors to work on the thesis 1:1 while the student is also enrolled in the departmental research methods class.
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