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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Organizational Sciences and Communication (OSCM)
Corporate Ethical Communication
Corporate Ethical Comm
Spring 2016
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Cheryl Wood
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How businesses analyze their communication methods in the context of internal ethical standards. General codes of ethics, marketing ethics, corporate social responsibility, consumer protection, environmental protection, and ethical issues that corporate decision makers face in developing policies that affect employees, customers, and society as a whole.
We are surrounded by organizations of all types in our daily lives and in the news. Regardless of the type of organization, communication is the element that maintains and sustains relationships in the organization. Ethical organizational communication is central to organizational success. At the completion of this course, students should: • Improve awareness of societal, organizational, and personal ethical issues. • Comprehend the effect of individual and organizational values and ethics on organizational communication behavior. • Identify and clarify ethical philosophies and decision-making processes. • Examine and identify current organizational ethics codes and ethical approaches. • Learn to resolve ethical conflicts that arise from personal and organizational situations. • Apply the course concepts to actual, current communication and organizational practices. • Evaluate and analyze internal and external communication strategies in a given organization to see if they use ethical principles and practices.
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