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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Science (FORS)
Digital Image Processing
Digital Image Processing
Fall 2016
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FORS 6207 or permission of the instructor
graduate level work in MS/CSI, MFS/FRA, MS/FRA or Grad Cert in Forensic Investigations; graduate-level work in crime scene investigation and/or friction ridge analysis, or in the graduate certificate program in forensics investigations
Edward Robinson, David Witzke
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Digital images of marginal value can be processed to reveal details which had been in the original, but were difficult to see. These changes must be done in ways to survive court challenges. Best practices for doing so are provided.
Demonstrate behaviors and skills: * Understand and apply the legal requirements of digital processing and understand the relevant case law. * Produce acceptable digital imaging products. * Relate current guidelines to actual processing techniques. * Produce acceptable color corrections. * Produce acceptable contrast adjustments. * Properly resize images and calibrate them. * Apply Fast Fourier Transforms to digital images. * Correctly place images into Category 1 v. Category 2 classifications. * Select the proper file formats for various conditions.
There is no similar course like this one in the Forensic Science Department.
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