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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Science (FORS)
Digital Artifacts: Points of Evidence
Digital Artifacts
Summer 2016
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The inner workings of common activity on a computer system, the digital trail these activities leave, and how to recover, interpret, and present such artifacts forensically.
1) Understand common approaches to computer forensic investigations. 2) Identify the points of evidence associated with different computer systems and be able to recover forensic artifacts relevant to the crime being investigated. 3) Understand the need for forensic attribution and be able to identify and recover relevant digital artifacts to support such attribution. 4) Understand the different data storage mechanisms used by common Operating Systems to identify the location of known artifacts. 5) Integrate knowledge of file systems to learn the investigative significance of data attributes. 6) Create and execute an investigative plan on a computer system based on known facts.
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