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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Organizational Sciences and Communication (OSCM)
Strategic Communication
Strategic Communication
Spring 2016
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Peter Schechter
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Exploration of the strategies and techniques employed in successful communication in the face of obstacles such as shrinking budgets and technological expansion. Emphasis on the principles of communication planning through a strategic matrix in an evolving communication environment..
• To understand, analyze and implement a strategic planning process through the use of a strategic planning communication matrix. • To understand and implement the framework needed to integrate opinion research into strategy formulation in order to establish objectives, devise messages and construct outcomes. • To understand how technology has radically changed the nature of communication. By analyzing the effects of technology on the “participatory paradigm,” the multiplicity of channels, and the redefinition of audiences, you will be expected to draw up strategies crossing borders, boundaries and languages. • To analyze and segment target groups key to communication success. You will be expected to understand how these publics have rapidly evolved from consumers and audiences into stakeholders. • To understand and analyze the changing role of the media in democratic society as a result of technological advances in publishing and broadcasting. You should be able to understand media targeting and dealing with reporters.
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