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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art/Fine Arts (FA)
Special Topics in Photography
Special Topics in Photography
Fall 2016
Course Type
Studio Course
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graduate students



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Lab fees cover shared materials and consumables used by the course as well as independent access to software.

These vary by studio area but include costs such as model fees, lumber and ground materials for certain projects, computer software access for all students, printer ink, and darkroom chemicals.

Topics vary by semester. May be repeated for credit provided topic differs. Consult the Schedule of Classes for more details. Materials fee.
sample learning outcomes:
1. Produce high technical quality digital prints that respond to conceptually-based prompts and develop a personal perspective within the parameters of each project through iteration and feedback from instructor and peers.
2. Through readings, screenings, and discussion develop an understanding of aesthetic and conceptual quality; contemporary contexts and historical traditions of abstract photography and the ability to apply that knowledge to personal work through critique.
3. By producing prints and evaluating those of peers in critique students will be able to compare and contrast high technical quality versus low technical quality prints, evaluate the aesthetic and compositional quality of individual and small groups of prints, and be able to verbally communicate the visual and conceptual strengths and weaknesses of one’s own and other students’ work during group and individual critiques in a critical, objective, and constructive way.
4. Create a portfolio that comprises a cohesive body of work. Through iteration and feedback, analyze work in progress and refine a final product that displays understanding of the contemporary context and historical precedents of photographic practice that inform the student’s practice.
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