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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art/Fine Arts (FA)
Advanced Drawing Techniques
Advanced Drawing Techniques
Spring 2016
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Studio Course
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graduate students



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Lab fees cover shared materials and consumables used by the course as well as independent access to software.

These vary by studio area but include costs such as model fees, lumber and ground materials for certain projects, computer software access for all students, printer ink, and darkroom chemicals.

Drawing as an organizing tool for thought, analysis, and personal imagery. Traditional and contemporary approaches to topics related to perceptual and conceptual concerns.
• observe and respond to the world around them and translate that understanding into drawing; • make drawings for a variety of purposes and in different formats, re-visiting and improving these drawings; • draw and collect images as research for a larger drawing project; • develop ideas fully in large-format drawings or through a series of drawings; • explore a range of mediums and materials to create unique drawings; • reference important artworks and art historical or contemporary approaches to drawing; • integrate complex ideas and concepts in order to make drawings that reflect personal interests; • relate drawing to life in the computer age; • use principles of design including harmony, balance, and emphasis; • avoid incomplete, overly sloppy, or tentative gestures, and avoid clichés; • make compelling, powerful drawings; and • discuss their work and the work of others using language related to drawing.

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SPHHS-Creative/Performing Arts

Key: 10065