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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Public Health Leadership Seminar
Public Health Leadership Sem
Spring 2016
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Discussion Group
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Leadership lessons taken from the careers of a diverse group of executives and entrepreneurs from the corporate, government, nonprofit, and art sectors. Leadership theory and styles. Building networks; skills for effectively engaging with peers, potential employers, and business partners.
1. Delineate between the theoretical and practical characteristics of effective leaders versus the theoretical and practical variables necessary for effective leadership. 2. Engage with others to discover their professional and leadership niche(s). 3. Develop an inter-systems perspective as it relates to public health, especially as it relates to addressing the social determinants of health. 4. Become aware of and practice new network development strategies. 5. Reflect on and reframe their perspectives of leadership, especially as it relates to their own leadership journey.

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Administrative change to reflect the addition of the zero credit discussion groups.
Key: 10052