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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Health Policy and Management (HPM)
Health System Analysis
Health System Analysis
Fall 2015
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Discussion Group
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For students in the Executive Master of Health Administration degree program
HSML 6255


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There will be a $500 fee for all domestic health systems immersions to help offset the cost of hotel, meals, and local transportation for students.

For MHA@GW students, a concentrated on-site study of either an exemplary health system in the United States or the national health system of another country. The objective is to use critical analysis to examine and assess the structure, function, and operations of the system.
• Identify key environment forces affecting healthcare delivery at an organization, industry and national level • Develop a framework to create and sustain organizational excellence • Evaluate the tools used at the organization and system level to ensure patient safety • Assess the role of leadership in driving health system change • Critique the activities of the governing board in assuring organizational success and meeting government requirements • Evaluate the ability of organizations within a local or national health system to meet the health needs of the community
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