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PSC 2451W : Theory of War
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Political Science (PSC)
Theory of War
Theory of War
Fall 2015
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PSC 1003


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PSC 2451W - Theory of War
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The nature, purposes, and conduct of war. Strategy and its relationship to politics. Major strategic variants for continental warfare, maritime conflict, strategic bombing, insurgency/counterinsurgency, and nuclear war.
· understand and critique the Clausewitzian conception of the nature and purpose of war; · understand the concept of strategy, understand and critique the main theories of strategy, identify the major constraints on the formulation of strategy, and analyze the consequences of the principal varieties of strategic choice for the outcomes of armed conflict; · apply the main theories of strategy to analyze the conduct of historical wars and campaigns; · write more effectively, think more clearly, articulate arguments more incisively, speak more persuasively, and use evidence to greater effect.
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CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral
This course is often offered as a WID course, but we would like the option to offer it as a regular course and thus propose an non-WID version.
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