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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art/Fine Arts (FA)
Sculpture: Design in Action
Sculpture: Design in Action
Fall 2016
Course Type
Studio Course
Default Grading Method
Letter Grade

FA 1017 or FA 1201 or permission of the instructor


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FA 2140 - Sculpture III
Fee Type
Lab fees cover shared materials and consumables used by the course as well as independent access to software.

These vary by studio area but include costs such as model fees, lumber and ground materials for certain projects, computer software access for all students, printer ink, and darkroom chemicals.

The design, fabrication, and implementation of artwork to address real world problems using a variety of materials and techniques. Students put their sculptures into action in site-specific contexts. Materials fee.
1. To develop a practice of innovation-oriented problem-solving. 2. To developing practical understanding between constructed objects and the physical, social, political and economic contexts of their use. 3. To develop a functional understanding of the history and development of participatory/collaborative practice in art and design. 4. To refine ideas by getting class feedback and taking rough ideas to finalized format.
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Former FA2140. Number and name change.
gharris (Mon, 28 Sep 2015 16:35:13 GMT): Rollback: Please ok title change to "Sculpture and Design in Action" (no slashes in titles). Syllabus does not include required class schedule.
srigg (Wed, 16 Dec 2015 21:05:27 GMT): Title change to match other courses: Sculpture: Design in Action (rather than Sculpture and Design in Action)
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