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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Global Health (GH)
Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Public Health and Health Care
Cost-Effective Analysis in PH
Fall 2017
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The application of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) to enhance the efficiency of programs and services both in the United States and developing countries. A variety of topics and related analytical tools such as cost benefit analysis, decision analysis, and sensitivity analysis are covered. Students learn to perform cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses and understand the strengths and limitations of these methods and how to apply them to a broad range of health issues.
1. Apply multi-disciplinary perspectives to identify, analyze and address global health challenges; 2. Interpret and critique research and best practices to inform the development of evidence based solutions for global health challenges; 3. Communicate public health evidence on global health topics to a variety of audiences, such as technical experts, policymakers, lay audiences, and other relevant stakeholders; 4. Engage with diverse individuals, organizations, and communities with respect for different values, beliefs and practices; 5. Analyze major multi-institutional and multi-sectorial initiatives in global health and make recommendations from an organizational and financial perspective on how they might be strengthened; 6. Describe the economic challenges faced by low and middle-income countries regarding health status of their populations and health care delivery options and how different policy approaches can be used to address these challenges.

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