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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Physics (PHYS)
Applied Statistics and Data Analysis in Physics
Phys Stats and Data Analysis
Fall 2017
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DATS 6450 - Topics in Data Science

Experience in physics (nuclear physics, biophysics, or astrophysics) or data science
M. Doering, O. Kargaltsev, A.J. van der Horst
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DATS 6450 - Topics in Data Science
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Statistical inference methods applied to physical science data; modern statistical methods; create informative and appealing visualizations of the data and inferred statistically-sound trends, correlations, and dependencies; analytical and practical skills for physical (and other) data analysis and interpretation using solid statistical methods. Before registering for this course students must have completed MATH 2233 or equivalent; MATH 2184 or equivalent; and PHYS 1021, PHYS 1022, or equivalents. In addition, programming experience and working knowledge of either Matlab, Mathematica, Python, IDL, or R are required.
1. Be able to explain and discuss: - the need and the nature of statistical data analysis; - be able to identify, explain, and critically evaluate the statistical methods used in the research papers related to physical sciences. 2. Demonstrate deep understanding of fundamental statistical principles applicable to data analysis in physics and related disciplines. 3. Acquire knowledge of a broad spectrum of modern statistical software tools. 4. Given a physical problem identify the statistical methods required to evaluate the impact of the uncertainties on the measurement or the choice of model. 5. Identify and use appropriate software tools to carry out statistical analysis of various problems. 6. Be able to apply statistical methods to a broad range of problems including those outside Physics (e.g., finance, signal processing).
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This is an applied course on data analysis and statistics in physics, treating some basic graduate level statistics, but building on this and focusing on applications in different subfields of physics.
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