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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Music (MUS)
Introduction to Musical Performance and Experience
Intro to Musical Performance
Fall 2015
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Douglas Boyce
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Private lessons.

Through discussion, writing, and performance, students engage with issues such as the putative transcendent character of music, the false divisions between interpretation, improvisation, and composition, and the impact of modernity on expressive culture. Placing their own processes of musical decision making within these conceptual frames allows students to interrogate and develop their performative and social selves.
○ a creative interpretation of a musical work in the student's instrumental or vocal repertoire as informed by the cultural, aesthetic, and philosophical topics discussed in the class. ○ new perspectives on existing arguments in cultural studies and aesthetics founded in the pragmatic context of practicing and performing musical works, with their particular arguments and rhetoric. ○ written and spoken understanding of the charged connections between musical interpretations and the various cultural and aesthetic perspectives discussed in the class. ○ constructive critiques of the works, practices, and performances of other students and peers both in and outside the class ○ considered articulations of the role of the student's own ideology of self in their poiesic process as performing musicians.
MUS 1106, Introduction to Musical Performance and Experience, will provide an opportunity for freshman students with backgrounds in musical performance to develop their musicality through private lessons while at the same time critically examining their experiences of playing and performance within the context of challenging readings and written exercises in a seminar environment. This course will be both a deeply appropriate starting point for students in their first year of university education, and a gateway into the kind of instruction that characterizes the Music major and minor.
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