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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art/Fine Arts (FA)
Video: Remixing the Archive
Video: Remixing the Archive
Spring 2016
Course Type
Studio Course
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Letter Grade

One of FA 1042, FA 1071, FA 1502 or FA 1601 or permission of the instructor


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Lab fees cover shared materials and consumables used by the course as well as independent access to software.

These vary by studio area but include costs such as model fees, lumber and ground materials for certain projects, computer software access for all students, printer ink, and darkroom chemicals.

The appropriation and documentary functions of moving images through direct reuse in edited or live remix or as sources for restaging new versions. Projects introduce students to the substantial archival resources in Washington, D.C., as well as the ever-increasing collections of material that can be found online.
• Students will learn skills to become technically proficient and thinking video makers. • Students will learn skills to access archival media materials in multiple forms and locations. • Students will become familiar with scholarship related to mediated memory. • Students will be able to analyze contemporary and historical media works constructed with found and appropriated footage. • Students will be able to produce independent video art projects. • Students will be able to present videos in a gallery, performance or independent screening setting. • Students will be able to integrate video works into their portfolios in order to submit work to schools or exhibition calls.
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New course in the curriculum.
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