Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Sport, Event, and Hospitality Management

The bachelor of business administration (BBA) with a concentration in sport, event, and hospitality management degree program provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of these industries through three different tracks:

  • Sport management track focuses on the management and marketing of sport events, organizations, products, and athletes, as well as in special events, conferences, meetings, expositions, festivals, and other entertainment properties including sport and event facilities.
  • Event management track focuses on the marketing and management of businesses related to conventions, meetings, special events, conferences, expositions, and festivals.
  • Hospitality management track focuses on the marketing, management, and financing of both hotels and those businesses related to tourism, including cities, attractions, restaurants, and airlines.

Typical entry-level positions include those in collegiate and professional sport organizations, sport marketing agencies, sport manufacturers, sport and event facilities, hotels and resorts, restaurants and food service operations, visitor and convention bureaus, theme parks and recreation centers, museums, tour operators, travel management firms, destination management companies, event producers, associations, corporate sponsors, and consulting firms.

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In addition to the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration, the concentration in Sport, Event, and Hospitality Management requires completion of two courses in the field, all courses in one track, and one course in the international field.

TSTD 3001Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management
TSTD 4102Practicum
or MGT 3305 Human Capital Sustainability
All courses in one of the following tracks:
Sport Management Track
TSTD 3101Sport and Event Business Management
TSTD 3102WSport and Event Marketing
TSTD 4101Issues in Sport and Event Management
Event Management Track
TSTD 3301Hospitality Industry Managemnt
or TSTD 3101 Sport and Event Business Management
TSTD 4301Travel Marketing Communication
or TSTD 3102W Sport and Event Marketing
TSTD 4900Special Topics (Convention and Meeting Management)
Hospitality Management Track
TSTD 3301Hospitality Industry Managemnt
TSTD 3302Financial Management in Tourism and Hospitality
TSTD 4301Travel Marketing Communication
International field
One of the following:
GEOG 2145Cultural Geography
or GEOG 2145W Cultural Geography
IBUS 3001Introduction to International Business
IBUS 3101Global Financial Environment
IBUS 3201International Marketing Management

Students should consult with the advisor for specific Bachelor of Business Administration general education courses that apply to this concentration