Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing

The bachelor of business administration (BBA) with a concentration in marketing degree program provides students with the analytical and conceptual foundations for strategic marketing processes. These processes include market research, segmentation, targeting, positioning, integrated marketing communications, and relationship building. Students develop competencies and skills in identifying customer needs and wants; making decisions about which markets organizations should serve; designing product, service, and program offerings for these markets; planning and implementing strategies to communicate with and sell to these markets; and creating value through profitable relationships with customers as well as channel partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

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In addition to the requirements for the bachelor of business administration the concentration in marketing requires five field courses and one international field course:

MKTG 3142Consumer Behavior
MKTG 3143Marketing Research
Three of the following:
MKTG 4148Advertising and Marketing Communications
MKTG 4149WAdvanced Advertising Campaigns
MKTG 4150Salesmanship and Sales Management
MKTG 4152Retailing Management
MKTG 4154Digital Marketing
MKTG 4156Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 4159Marketing Strategy
MKTG 4900Special Topics **
International field
One of the following:
IBUS 3001Introduction to International Business
IBUS 3101Global Financial Environment
IBUS 3201International Marketing Management
SMPP 4900WSpecial Topics (Strategy and international Political Economy)

* Students with a specific interest in advertising may apply to take MKTG 4149W Advanced Advertising Campaigns. If accepted, they must also register for MKTG 4151W Marketing Communications Planning. MKTG 4151W cannot be used to fulfill a field course, but can be used to fulfill an elective requirement, if needed. Note that if two writing in the disciplines (WID) courses are taken in the same semester, only one WID course will count towards the University WID requirement.

**MKTG 4900 Special Topics may be taken multiple times as a field course provided that the topics differ. 

BADM 3001 Career Management Strategy ideally should be completed by the end of sophomore year and when marketing-specific sections are available. Register for a section that aligns with your career goals.

Students should consult with the advisor for specific Bachelor of Business Administration general education courses that apply to this concentration.