Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Information Systems and Technology Management

The bachelor of business administration (BBA) with a concentration in information systems and technology management (ISTM) enables undergraduate students to acquire an in-depth understanding of information technology (IT) and the skills and analytical methods needed to design and develop the information systems (IS) that businesses find indispensable. The IT overview covers areas ranging from data communications, including the Internet and the World Wide Web, to data management. Students also learn about and have opportunities for practical experience in the structured development of information systems, programming, database design, and other techniques needed for successful IS design and develop. These IS/IT-specific skills and knowledge, coupled with an understanding of the other aspects of business acquired in the program, give students a competitive start in their chosen careers.

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In addition to the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration the concentration in Information Systems and Technology Management requires five courses in the field and one course in the international field:

ISTM 3119Introduction to Programming
ISTM 4120Business Systems Development
ISTM 4121Database Principles and Applications
Two of the following:
ISTM 4123Business Data Communications
ISTM 4130WWriting On The Ethics of Technology
ISTM 4215Human-Computer Interaction
ISTM 4223Innovation Ventures
ISTM 4233Emerging Technologies
ISTM 4900Special Topics *
International field
One of the following:
IAFF 6141International Science and Technology Policy Cornerstone
IAFF 6158Special Topics in International Science and Technology Policy
IBUS 3101Global Financial Environment
IBUS 4401Managing the Multinational Enterprise
IBUS 4402Managing in Developing Countries
ISTM 4223Innovation Ventures
ORSC 2046Global Organizations
PSC 2992Special Topics in American Politics and Government (Politics of the Internet)

*Enrollment in ISTM 4900 on topics announced in the Schedule of Classes requires ISTM program director approval.
**ISTM 4223 Innovation Ventures may be used toward either the Field course requirement or the International Field course requirement, but not both.

Students should consult with the program director for specific Bachelor of Business Administration general education courses that apply to this concentration