Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Analytics

The bachelor of business administration with a concentration in business analytics degree program provides students with the analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to understand and apply data and decision modeling in real life settings. Analytics is defined as the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions. More than just modeling and data manipulation, it is a process of transforming data into actions through analysis and insights in the context of organizational decision making and problem solving. Combining the business analytics concentration with any other area in business, such as finance or marketing, or in other fields, such as engineering, public policy, and international affairs, may give graduates expanded career opportunities.

In addition to the requirements for the bachelor of business administration the concentration in business analytics requires five field courses and one international field course:

DNSC 3403Decision Models
DNSC 4211Programming for Analytics
DNSC 4279Data Mining
Two of the following:
DNSC 4404Essentials of Project Management
DNSC 4900Special Topics (Forecasting; Marketing Analytics; or Supply Chain Analytics)
ISTM 3119Introduction to Programming
ISTM 4121Database Principles and Applications
International field
One of the following:
IBUS 3001Introduction to International Business
IBUS 3101Global Financial Environment
IBUS 4401Managing the Multinational Enterprise
IBUS 4203Foreign Market Analysis
IBUS 4402Managing in Developing Countries
ORSC 2046Global Organizations
PSC 2992Special Topics in American Politics and Government (Politics of the Internet)
SMPP 4900WSpecial Topics (Strategy and International Political Economy)

Students should consult with the advisor for specific bachelor of business administration general education courses that apply to this concentration.