Minor in Business Administration

The School of Business offers a minor in business administration for students from other schools of the University. 

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 27 credits, including 15 credits in required courses and 12 credits in pre-approved elective courses.

ECON 1011Principles of Economics I
ECON 1012Principles of Economics II
STAT 1051Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics
or STAT 1053 Introduction to Statistics in Social Science
or STAT 1111 Business and Economic Statistics I
or APSC 3115 Engineering Analysis III
MATH 1221Calculus with Precalculus II
or MATH 1231 Single-Variable Calculus I
or MATH 1252 Calculus for the Social and Management Sciences
ACCY 2001Introduction to Financial Accounting
At least four of the following:
BADM 2301Management Information Systems Technology
BADM 3103Human Capital in Organizations
BADM 3401Basic Marketing Management
or BADM 3401W Basic Marketing Management
BADM 3501Financial Management and Markets
BADM 3601Operations Management
IBUS 3001Introduction to International Business

School of Business students may pursue a minor in another GW school after receiving approval from the appropriate minor program or department. 

Visit the program website for additional information.