World Executive Master of Business Administration

The world executive master of business administration degree program is designed for accomplished managers and professionals to enhance their organizational effectiveness. The program has a general management focus, with a strong emphasis on leadership, global and local environments, and mastery of key business functions. The 16-month, 52.5-credit program includes core courses, integrative topical courses, electives, residencies, consulting practicums, and a leadership coaching component.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 52.5 credits in required courses.

IBUS 6901
IBUS 6990
MBAD 6211Financial Accounting
MBAD 6213Cases in Management Accounting
MBAD 6221Judgment, Uncertainty, and Decisions
MBAD 6222Data Analysis and Decisions
MBAD 6223Operations Management
MBAD 6233Financial Markets
MBAD 6234Financial Management
MBAD 6241Global Perspectives
MBAD 6242Microeconomics for the World Economy
MBAD 6243Macroeconomics for the World Economy
MBAD 6244International Management
MBAD 6246Global Economy
MBAD 6247Consulting Practicum and International Residency
MBAD 6261Organizations and Leadership
MBAD 6262Managing Human Capital
MBAD 6265Entrepreneurship
MBAD 6272Nature of Markets
MBAD 6273Marketing Decisions
MBAD 6281Business Ethics
MBAD 6284Business and Public Policy
MBAD 6285Business Law
MBAD 6286Strategy Formulation and Implementation
MBAD 6290Special Topics (taken five times on different topics for 1.5 credits each offering)
MBAD 6291Business Communications
MBAD 6296Business Challenge
MBAD 6297Business and Innovation
MGT 6301Negotiations