Master of Tourism Administration

The master of tourism administration degree program is designed to prepare students for competitive professional management positions in public, commercial, or nonprofit organizations, providing visitor services at the local, national, or international level. In addition to coursework, students have opportunities to learn from culturally diverse colleagues and from a wide range of visitor-service organizations. Students may choose one of the four formal concentration areas: sustainable tourism, event and meeting management, sport management, or hospitality management. They also may develop an individualized studies program.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 36 credits, including 18 credits in required courses, 9 to 12 credits in courses taken in one area of specialization, and 9 to 12 credits in elective courses. Alternatively, the student may propose a 36-credit individualized plan of study for consideration.

TSTD 6249Sustainable Destination Development
TSTD 6251Quantitative Applications in Tourism/Hospitality Management
TSTD 6270Tourism and Hospitality Management Research
One of the following capstone course series:
TSTD 6283
TSTD 6297
and Advanced Topical Studies
TSTD 6998
TSTD 6999
Thesis Research
and Thesis Research
Areas of specialization
Sustainable tourism management
TSTD 6263Destination Marketing
TSTD 6280Advanced Workshop (Destination Economics)
TSTD 6280Advanced Workshop (Management of Destination Organizations)
TSTD 6280Advanced Workshop (Tourism Policy & Planning)
Event and meeting management
TSTD 6276Risk Management for Events and Meetings
TSTD 6277Event Management
TSTD 6278Conference and Exposition Management
Sport management
TSTD 6264Sport Marketing
TSTD 6265Sport Law: Contracts and Negotiations
TSTD 6266Sport and Event Facility Management
TSTD 6267Sport Media and Communications
Hospitality management
TSTD 6220International Hotel Management
TSTD 6221Hotel/Resort Market Analysis
TSTD 6290Special Topics (Relationship Management in Hospitality)
TSTD 6296Travel Information Management Systems
9 to 12 credits in elective courses (dependent on concentration selected) chosen in consultation with the advisor.
Individualized plan of study
The student designs a 36-credit plan of study and provides a brief proposal specifying the courses to be taken. The student submits the proposal through the faculty advisor.