Master of Science in Sport Management

The master of science in the field of sport management (MSSM) degree program is designed to develop leaders and entrepreneurs to facilitate the continued growth of the global sport industry. Students gain knowledge of key skill sets as well as issues and insights of the industry from cutting-edge professors, leading sport professionals, and through hands-on experiences. The MSSM program prepares students through practical assignments to manage and market athletes, sports media, facilities, events, and products using the latest analytic tools and strategies.

Students who earn a MSSM from GW School of Business (GWSB) will be able to:

  1. Recognize issues facing sport leaders and know how to make sound business decisions without compromising ethics and/or values.
  2. Demonstrate strong written communication skills that include being succinct and persuasive.
  3. Identify revenue streams and expenses for sport organizations and be able to implement strategies to increase revenues and decrease expenses.
  4. Understand legal terms, operational structures, contract clauses, and related ramifications most common in the sport industry.
  5. Apply analytical and research skills to solve problems and increase performance for a sport-related business.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 36 credits, including 21 credits in required courses and 15 credits in elective courses.

TSTD 6251Applied Quantitative Methods
TSTD 6264Sport Marketing
TSTD 6265Sport Law: Contracts and Negotiations
TSTD 6266Sport and Event Facility Management
TSTD 6267Sport Media and Communications
TSTD 6270Research Methods and Applications
TSTD 6283Practicum
15 credits in elective courses. Students may elect to use these credits to focus in one specific area, earn a specialized graduate certificate, or choose courses from different business areas with guidance from the advisor.
DNSC 6214Pricing and Revenue Management
DNSC 6279Data Mining
DNSC 6404Sports Analytics
FINA 6224Financial Management
FINA 6234New Venture Financing: Due Diligence and Valuation Issues
IBUS 6201International Marketing
IBUS 6403International Business Negotiations
MGT 6215Conflict Management and Negotiations
MGT 6254Negotiations and Labor Relations
MGT 6285Social Entrepreneurship
MGT 6290Special Topics (Business of e-Sports)
MGT 6290Special Topics (Sport Entrepreneurship)
MGT 6291
MGT 6292
MGT 6293
MKTG 6243Marketing Research
MKTG 6246Marketing of Services
MKTG 6248Advertising and Marketing Communications Strategy
MKTG 6252Digital Marketing
MKTG 6256Integrated Marketing Communication
PPPA 6031Governing and Managing Nonprofit Organizations
PPPA 6032Managing Fund Raising and Philanthropy
TSTD 6277Event Management
TSTD 6278Conference and Exposition Management
TSTD 6282International Experiences
TSTD 6296Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategies
TSTD 6998Thesis Research
TSTD 6999Thesis Research