Master in Management

The master in management degree program emphasizes the quantitative and qualitative aspects of business practice and allows students to explore these issues in depth in a given functional area. The curriculum includes a set of business fundamental courses in areas such as financial accounting, finance, organizations and human capital, marketing, and decision making and data analysis, that incorporate the application of concepts and analytic tools to solve contemporary management problems. Teamwork and communication skills are taught through team projects with an emphasis on private and public sector issues. The requirement to complete one of the numerous graduate certificates offered by the School of Business delivers focused functional area-specific coursework, providing students with key knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specific discipline or functional area of business.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

Required Core courses (21 credits)
MBAD 6211Financial Accounting
MBAD 6224Decision Making and Data Analysis
MBAD 6235Finance
MBAD 6263Organizations and Human Capital
MBAD 6274Marketing
MBAD 6289Business Ethics and Public Policy
MBAD 6288Strategic Management
Certificate courses (12 credits)
In addition to completing the core courses listed above, students complete the curriculum requirements of one of the GW School of Business graduate certificate programs listed below: