Global Master of Business Administration

The global master of business administration (Global MBA) is a 55.5-credit degree program emphasizing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of business practice with a curriculum that incorporates the application of concepts and analytical tools to current management problems. Teamwork and communication skills are taught through team projects with an emphasis on private and public sector issues.

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

Visit the program website for additional information.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 55.5 credits, including 28.5 credits in required courses, 3 credits in the consulting abroad project, and 24 credits in elective courses. Students may choose to complete a 12-credit concentration using elective credits.

MBAD 6211Financial Accounting
MBAD 6213Cases in Management Accounting
MBAD 6224Decision Making and Data Analysis
MBAD 6223Operations Management
MBAD 6235Finance
MBAD 6242Microeconomics for the World Economy
MBAD 6245Global Perspectives
MBAD 6263Organizations and Human Capital
MBAD 6289Business Ethics and Public Policy
MBAD 6274Marketing
MBAD 6287Strategy Fundamentals
MBAD 6286Strategy Formulation and Implementation
Consulting abroad project
MBAD 6294Consulting Abroad Project
Students must complete two courses in MBAD 6294, one on-campus and second as the study abroad component of the Consulting Abroad Project.
24 credits in elective courses. Electives may be taken in courses at the 6000 level and above in any GWSB department; up to 12 of these credits may be taken in courses outside of GWSB with the advisor's approval.
MBAD 6298 may not be applied towards the MBA degree requirements.

Concentration Options

Students may choose to complete a 12-credit concentration. Each concentration comprises 3 to 7.5 credits in required courses and 4.5 to 9 credits selected from a list of suggested courses. For more information on concentration options, transfer credit, and Consortium registration, please visit the Current Graduate Student website. (Students must complete 12 unique credits to complete the concentration.)

The concentration options include:

*Concentration can be completed either on-campus on online.

Accounting and Advisory Services

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Business Analytics

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MGT 6280Entrepreneurship
9 credits from the following:
FINA 6234New Venture Financing: Due Diligence and Valuation Issues
or ISTM 6234 New Venture Financing
ISTM 6223Technology Entrepreneurship
ISTM 6224Management of Technology and Innovation
MGT 6281Small Business Management
MGT 6282New Venture Initiation
MGT 6283Strategic Entrepreneurship
MGT 6284Family Business Management
MGT 6285Social Entrepreneurship
MGT 6286Creativity and Innovation
MGT 6290Special Topics (Entrepreneurship, Peace and Economic Development)

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FINA 6221Financial Decision Making
FINA 6224Financial Management
or FINA 6223 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
6 credits from the following:
ACCY 6106Financial Statement Analysis
ACCY 6112International Financial Reporting Standards
ACCY 6801Corporate Governance and Ethics
ECON 6237Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources
ECON 6293Topics in International Finance
FINA 6222Capital Formation
FINA 6234New Venture Financing: Due Diligence and Valuation Issues
FINA 6235Futures Markets: Trading and Hedging
FINA 6236Options
FINA 6237Private Wealth Management and Personal Financial Advising
FINA 6238Financial Engineering
FINA 6239Applied Portfolio Management
FINA 6240Real Estate Development
FINA 6241Financing Real Estate
FINA 6242Real Estate Valuation and Investment
FINA 6250Securities Regulation and Financial Scandals
FINA 6290Special Topics (Exploring Finance with Simulation)
FINA 6290Special Topics (Venture Capital)
FINA 6290Special Topics (Walkable Urban Real Estate Development)
IBUS 6301International Business Finance
IBUS 6308International Reporting and Control
IBUS 6310International Financial Reporting Standards
IBUS 6290Special Topics (Microfinance: Developing Markets)
SMPP 6215Corporate Governance and Ethics

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Global Management

ACCY 6900Special Topics (Macroeconomics for the World Economy)
A variable-credit study abroad experience*
Remaining credits selected from the following:
ACCY 6110International Reporting and Control
ACCY 6111International Accounting
ACCY 6112International Financial Reporting Standards
ARTH 6235Social and Cultural Diversity
ECON 6250Survey of Economic Development
ECON 6269Economy of China I
ECON 6284Survey of International Macroeconomics and Finance Theory and Policy
ECON 6285Economic Development of Latin America
ECON 6292Topics in International Trade
ECON 6293Topics in International Finance
ECON 6294Topics in Economic Development
IAFF 6118Special Topics in International Affairs (Leadership in International Affairs)
IAFF 6118Special Topics in International Affairs (Rising China and Africa)
IAFF 6138Special Topics in International Development Studies
IAFF 6158Special Topics in International Science and Technology Policy
IAFF 6198Special Topics in International Trade and Investment Policy
IAFF 6358Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies
IBUS 6201International Marketing
IBUS 6202Regional Strategy for Multinationals
IBUS 6301International Business Finance
MKTG 6248Advertising and Marketing Communications Strategy
MGT 6297International Management Experience
PMGT 6265Special Topics in PMGT (Engaging in Latin America)
PPPA 6057International Development Administration
PPPA 6058International Development NGO Management
PSC 6439International Political Economy
PUBH 6443Global Health Agreements and Conventions
SMPP 6241Global Corporate Responsibility
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Human Rights & Multi-Nations)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Strategy & International Political Economy)

*Visit the program website for more information about available short- and long-term study abroad experiences.
**Elective credits should be selected in consultation with the program advisor.

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Information Systems and Technology Management

ISTM 6200Python Program Database Applications
ISTM 6201Information Systems Development and Applications
ISTM 6202Relational Databases
6 credits from the following:
ISTM 6203Telecommunications and Enterprise Networks
ISTM 6204Information Technology Project Management
ISTM 6206Information Systems Security
ISTM 6209Web and Social Analytics
ISTM 6211Data Warehousing and Online Analytical Processing
ISTM 6215Human-Computer Interaction

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Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing

MKTG 6252Digital Marketing
MKTG 6248Advertising and Marketing Communications Strategy
or MKTG 6256 Integrated Marketing Communication
6 credits from the following:
DNSC 6215Social Network Analytics
DNSC 6279Data Mining
ISTM 6202Relational Databases
ISTM 6209Web and Social Analytics
MKTG 6241Advanced Marketing Management
MKTG 6242Buyer Behavior
MKTG 6243Marketing Research
MKTG 6246Marketing of Services
MKTG 6250Selling/Sales Management
MKTG 6251Product Management
MKTG 6255Strategic Brand Management
MKTG 6290Special Topics (Marketing & the Government Marketplace)
MKTG 6290Special Topics (Marketing Metrics)
MKTG 6290Special Topics (Pricing)
SMPA 6205Media, Development, and Globalization
TSTD 6296Travel Information Management Systems

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Project Management

DNSC 6261Introduction to Project and Program Management
DNSC 6267Planning and Scheduling
6 credits from the following:
DNSC 6234Procurement and Contracting
DNSC 6235Communication Strategies in Project Management
DNSC 6237International Project Management
DNSC 6238Project Management and Organizational Context
DNSC 6239Project Governance
DNSC 6251Optimization Models for Decision Making
DNSC 6252Risk Analysis for Decision Making
DNSC 6254Risk Management
DNSC 6257Cost Estimation and Control
DNSC 6258Executive Decision Making
DNSC 6259Project Portfolio Management
DNSC 6262Directed Computational Project Management
DNSC 6290Special Topics (Project Management)
DNSC 6290Special Topics (Project Management Methodologies)
DNSC 6290Special Topics (Social Network Analysis for Managers)

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Sports Management

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