Master of Science in Business Analytics

The master of science in business analytics (MSBA) degree program is designed for students with quantitative backgrounds looking to gain a competitive edge before entering the job market as well as those working in the field and looking to further develop their skills.

The curriculum is a blend of foundation courses in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics; elective courses in analytics applied to a specific functional area or industry; workshops in communication, team, and project management; and hands-on exposure to industry-standard analytics tools/software. The program culminates in a project whereby students work in teams on an actual industry-related problem and present their findings to the client firm.

The MSBA degree program is offered in a two year format to accommodate working professionals. The program can be completed faster if students choose to take courses in the summer or take more than nine (9) credits during the fall and spring semesters. 

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 33 credits, including 25.5 credits in required courses and 7.5 credits in elective courses.

DNSC 6203Statistics for Analytics I
DNSC 6206Stochastic Foundation: Probability Models
DNSC 6210Decision and Risk Analytics
DNSC 6211Programming for Analytics
DNSC 6212Optimization Methods and Applications
DNSC 6213Statistics for Analytics II
DNSC 6216Business Analytics Skills Workshops
DNSC 6217Business Analytics Practicum
DNSC 6219Time Series Forecasting for Analytics
DNSC 6231 Consulting for Analytics
DNSC 6279Data Mining
ISTM 6212Data Management for Analytics
7.5 credits in elective courses selected from the following:
DNSC 6214Pricing and Revenue Management
DNSC 6215Social Network Analytics
DNSC 6225Business Process Simulation
DNSC 6278Big Data Analytics
DNSC 6290Special Topics (Machine Learning)
DNSC 6290Special Topics (Supply Chain Analytics)
DNSC 6290Special Topics (Natural Language Processes)
DNSC 6401Sustainable Supply Chains
DNSC 6403Visualization for Analytics
DNSC 6404Sports Analytics