Graduate Certificate in Walkable Urban Development

The graduate certificate in walkable urban development program provides course work in the practical foundations of walkable urban real estate development and place management. Real estate development in the United States has been transitioning from building and financing single-use properties in the suburbs to building, financing, and managing complex mixed-use projects in walkable urban cores. This program provides students with the tools necessary to finance, develop, and manage these emerging communities.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 16.5 credits in required courses.

FINA 6240Real Estate Development
FINA 6241Financing Real Estate
or FINA 6242 Real Estate Valuation and Investment
FINA 6290Special Topics (Foundations of Real Estate Law)
FINA 6290Special Topics (Walkable Urban Place Development and Management)
FINA 6290Special Topics (Walkable Urban Place Development and Management ULI Hines Competition Capstone)
PSUS 6202Urban and Environmental Economics
or PSUS 6235 Adv Topics in Urban Sust