Graduate Certificate in Responsible Management

The graduate certificate in responsible management (CRM) program is designed to enhance the preparation of students as responsible leaders. Students participate in seminars, projects, courses, and service in a variety of topic areas, including global strategy, ethics, corporate social responsibility, international development, peace, energy, and the environment. These academic opportunities provide students with the knowledge, proficiencies, and skills needed to succeed as leaders in governmental, industry, and consumer oversight.

The CRM program is open only to GW graduate students. Students often begin the CRM program as early as their first semester and at least one year prior to graduation.

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits, including one required 3-credit course, one required 0-credit course, and 9 credits in elective courses.

MBAD 6281Business Ethics
MBAD 6284Business and Public Policy
SMPP 6290Special Topics
9 credits from the following:
MBAD 6290Special Topics (World Wide Energy Challenges)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Cultural Norms)
SMPP 6297International Management Experience (Egypt: CR and Social Engrepreneuship)
mgmt 6297
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Global Market Governance and PPOL)
SMPP 6297International Management Experience (Paris: Global Strategy)
SMPP 6297International Management Experience (Argentina: CSR and Partnering)
SMPP 6202Business-Government Relations
SMPP 6215Corporate Governance and Ethics
SMPP 6241GlobalCorporateResponsibility
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Competitive Energy Markets)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Strategy for a Sustainable Business)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Worldwide Energy Challenge)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Sustainable and Responsible Investments)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (The Corporation/Am Business History)
SMPP 6290Special Topics
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Corporate Envir Mgmt and Poligy)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Adv Issues in Ethical Decision Making)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Global Strategy and International Diplomacy)
SMPP 6297International Management Experience (Egypt: CSR and Social Entrepreneurship)
mgmt 6297