Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The graduate certificate in artificial intelligence program prepares business leaders for new opportunities afforded by innovations in artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the next evolution of technology in business, driven by advancements in machine learning and expanding use cases. Image recognition, voice assistants, natural language processing, and chatbots are transforming industries such as transportation, agriculture, and health care, as well as how consumers live in connected homes. In this program, students learn foundational knowledge and hands-on skills in machine learning, deep learning, and embedded systems, and apply them to AI’s business applications including the internet of things (IoT).

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits, including 9 credits in required courses and one 3-credit elective course.

ISTM 6214Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
ISTM 6290Special Topics (Business Applications of AI)
ISTM 6290Special Topics (IoT Management)
One course from the following:
ISTM 6203Managing Cloud Security
ISTM 6225Cloud Foundations
ISTM 6290Special Topics (Cloud Computing)
DNSC 6279Data Mining