Bachelor of Science with a Major in Business, Accountancy Concentration

The bachelor of science with a major in business (BS) with a concentration in accountancy degree program provides undergraduate students with the analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to understand and record financial transactions.

The School of Business offers two degree options for students to study accountancy: the BS in business with a concentration in accountancy and the bachelor of science with a major in accountancy (BS). The BS degree with an accountancy concentration is intended to be paired with a second, complementary field of concentration. For students who plan to work as an accountant, often with a CPA designation, the BS in accountancy degree program is more appropriate as it offers substantially more preparation in accounting. 

Accountancy is an ideal second concentration for BS in business students who plan to pursue careers in finance as it provides a strong background in information that underlies many financial decisions. Likewise, a second concentration in accountancy is an excellent choice for BS in business students with a concentration in information systems as such students often pursue jobs related to accounting information systems.

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In addition to the requirements for the bachelor of science with a major in business, the concentration in accountancy requires five field courses:

Required field courses
ACCY 3101Intermediate Accounting I
ACCY 3102Intermediate Accounting II
ACCY 3106Financial Statement Analysis 1
or ACCY 4501 Accounting Systems
Additional field courses
Two courses from the following:
ACCY 3106Financial Statement Analysis 1
ACCY 3401Federal Income Tax: Individuals
ACCY 3403Advanced Tax
ACCY 4107Advanced Accounting
ACCY 4301Auditing
ACCY 4501Accounting Systems 1

1ACCY 3106 and ACCY 4501 are options for both the required and additional field course categories. If only one is taken, it will apply to the required field course category. If both are taken, one will apply to the required field courses, and the other will apply to the additional field course category.

Students should consult with an advisor for specific bachelor of science in business general education courses that apply to this concentration