The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

60 credits in required courses.

TRDA 6200
TRDA 6201
TRDA 6202
TRDA 6203
TRDA 6204Personal Aesthetics II: The Environment
TRDA 6205
TRDA 6206
TRDA 6207
TRDA 6208New Media and Dance
TRDA 6209
TRDA 6210
TRDA 6211
TRDA 6296Research Project I
TRDA 6299Research Project II
Portfolio review
Up to 15 credits of accelerated placement for high-level work is possible through three portfolio review courses:
TRDA 6212 (for TRDA 6200)
TRDA 6213 (for TRDA 6203)
TRDA 6214 (for TRDA 6207)

A committee consisting of dance faculty and an outside professional administer the portfolio review, using a strict assessment rubric to assist students with tracking their growth and placement level. Students who qualify for the full 5 credits for any or all of the portfolio review courses (TRDA 6212 , TRDA 6213 , and TRDA 6214 ) are not required to take the corresponding portfolio course (TRDA 6200 , TRDA 6203 , and TRDA 6207 ); students who receive fewer than 5 credits in any review courses must enroll for the remaining credits in the portfolio course(s). Visit the department website for additional information.