Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Speech, Language, and Hearing Science

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Program.

DNSC 6274Statistical Modeling and Analysis
DNSC 6275Advanced Statistical Modeling and Analysis
SPHR 8100 Communication Disorders Across the Lifespan
SPHR 8200 Research Methods, Grant Writing, and Ethics
SPHR 8201 Research Rotation
SPHR 8202 Teaching Rotation
SPHR 8203 Doctoral Seminar Leadership
SPHR 8300 Statistical Applications for Translational Research
SPHR 8999 Dissertation
A minimum of 8 credits in elective courses selected from the following:
SPHR 6205Professional and Clinical Issues in Speech and Hearing
SPHR 6207Diagnostic Procedures in Speech and Hearing
SPHR 6210Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders
SPHR 6220Disorders of Articulation and Phonology
SPHR 6222Acquired Neuromotor Disorders of Speech Production
SPHR 6230Pediatric Language and Speech Disorders I
SPHR 6231Pediatric Language and Speech Disorders II
SPHR 6240Neurogenic Communication Disorders
SPHR 6241Applied Neuroanatomy
SPHR 6251Seminar: Speech Fluency Disorders
SPHR 6260Voice Disorders: Evaluation and Treatment
SPHR 6276Aural Rehabilitation
SPHR 6281Dysphagia
SPHR 6282Augmentative Communication and Computer Applications in Communication Disorders
SPHR 6284Autism
SPHR 6295Independent Research in Speech, Language, and Hearing
SPHR 6291Selected Topics in Speech–Language Pathology (Aging)