Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Psychology

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

The requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy program.

Successful completion of the required curriculum and the general examination. Note that students whose academic preparation is in other disciplines will be expected to complete prerequisite undergraduate courses to prepare for graduate study in psychology before admission to the field.

PSYC 8202Psychological Research Methods and Procedures
Two graduate psychology courses outside the chosen field and approved by the advisor
Appropriate statistics courses
Satisfactory completion of the General Examination in the major area of study

The Department of Psychology offers concentrations in clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and applied social psychology.

Visit the department website for additional information on doctoral programs.

The concentration in industrial/organizational psychology is offered by the Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication. For specific requirements, consult the director of the concentration concerned. All programs are offered on a full-time basis only.

Visit the program website for additional information.

Graduate courses listed here are limited to graduate students in psychology, except by permission of instructor, and only if space permits.