Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Psychology with a Concentration in Applied Social

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

The requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy program.

72 credits, including 33 credits in core requirements, 21-27 credits in elective courses, and 12-18 credits in dissertation.

Applied social
PSYC 8253Social Cognition
PSYC 8254Social Influence
PSYC 8255Attitudes and Attitude Change
PSYC 8277Health Psychology
DNSC 6274Statistical Modeling and Analysis
DNSC 6275Advanced Statistical Modeling and Analysis
DNSC 6276Exploratory and Multivariate Data Analysis
PSYC 8202Psychological Research Methods and Procedures
PSYC 8256Introduction to Survey Research
6 credits in psychology (PSYC) courses out of the applied social program.
Recommended electives are listed below; other elective courses may be selected in consultation with the advisor.
PSYC 8218Evidence-Based Interventions
PSYC 8231Development of Psychometric Instruments
PSYC 8245Seminar: Organizational Behavior
PSYC 8257Current Topics in Social Psychology
PSYC 8259Psychology of Individual and Group Decision Making
PSYC 8279Special Topics in Health Psychology
PSYC 8295Independent Research
PSYC 8998Advanced Reading and Research
PSYC 8999Dissertation Research