Master of Arts in the Field of Legal Institutions and Theory

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The following requirements must be fulfilled.

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

30 credits, including 6 credits in required courses and 24 credits in elective courses.

PSC 6113The Constitution: History and Ideas
PSC 6114Theories of Judicial Review
At least one course from the following (students may elect to take up to four):
PSC 8213Judicial Politics
PSC 8215Law, Politics, and Society
PSC 8388Selected Topics in Comparative Politics
PSC 6987Legal Internship
Four to seven courses from the following:
EDUC 6236School Law and Policy
EDUC 6560Legal Problems in Higher Education
HIST 6312The Law of Race and Slavery
HIST 6370U.S. Legal History
LAW 6214Constitutional Law I
PHIL 6242Philosophy, Law, and Social Policy
PPPA 6075Law and the Public Administrator
PSC 6444Politics of International Law
PSC 8210American Political Process
PSC 8217Executive Branch Politics
PSC 8218Legislative Politics
PSC 8219Political Parties and Elections
PSC 8229Politics and Public Policy
SOC 6261Sociology of Law
SOC 6263Race and Crime
WSTU 6266Gender and Criminal Justice