Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Philosophy (Public Affairs Focus) and Master of Arts in the Field of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers a combined bachelor of arts in philosophy (public affairs focus) and master of arts in the field of philosophy degree program. Undergraduate students may take up to 7.5 graduate credits (usually two courses for a total of 6 credits) as part of their undergraduate degree program, thereby decreasing the number of credits normally required for the master's degree. Undergraduate students interested in the BA/MA program should consult the Director of Graduate Studies as early in their program as possible and must apply to the graduate portion of the program before completing 75 undergraduate credits.

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BA/MA students will take up to 7.5 credits of graduate coursework (usually two courses for a total of 6 credits) during the undergraduate degree to be counted toward both the BA in Philosophy: Public Affairs Focus and the MA in Philosophy degrees.

Combined degree course work (those hours counting towards both programs) must be at the 6000 level and have grades of “B” or better; these courses will be counted towards both the CCAS undergraduate and graduate grade point averages.

Once the student has competed the BA, s/he then completes the remaining credits required for the MA.

The general BA requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs are as follows:


PHIL 2045                              Introduction to Logic (3 credits)                                                  

One course from the following (3 credits):                                                                                 

PHIL 2111                              History of Ancient Philosophy                                                   

or PHIL 2111W                      History of Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 2112                              History of Modern Philosophy                                                   

Two courses from the following (6 credits):                                                                               

PHIL 2131                              Ethics: Theory and Applications                                                 

PHIL 2132                              Social and Political Philosophy                                                  

or PHIL 2132W                      Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 2136                              Contemporary Issues in Ethics                                                   

Four additional philosophy (PHIL) courses numbered 2000 or above (12 credits)                               

One of the following options:                                                                                                 

A: Two Proseminar Courses                                                                                                   

PHIL 4198                              Proseminar (6 credits)                                                               

B: Honors Thesis option (requires departmental approval and a senior thesis)                                    

PHIL 4198                              Proseminar (3 credits)                                                               

or PHIL 4198W                      Proseminar in Philosophy

PHIL 4199                              Readings and Research (3 credits)       

The general MA requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs are as follows:

30 credits.


One of the following:

PHIL 6211-Topics in the History of Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 6212-Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy

For thesis option:

PHIL 6998-Thesis Research

Remaining coursework is selected in consultation with the advisor.