Minor in Jazz Studies

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 23 credits, including 17 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

MUS 1101Elements of Music Theory
MUS 1102Comprehensive Musicianship I
MUS 1108History of Jazz
MUS 2173Comprehensive Musicianship for Jazz
MUS 1051Class Piano for Music Majors and Minors
MUS 2174Introduction to Jazz Harmony
MUS 2661Electronic and Computer Music I
4 credits of jazz performance techniques from the following:
MUS 1571Jazz Performance Techniques
MUS 1572Jazz Performance Techniques
MUS 2072Jazz Performance Techniques
2 credits of ensemble participation:
MUS 1061Instrumental Ensemble
or MUS 1071 Jazz Band

All minors are expected to attend departmental lectures, master classes, and concerts, as appropriate.