Master of Arts in the Field of Media and Public Affairs

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Prerequisite: An undergraduate degree in a related field.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

Required: completion of 36 credits as follows.
Core courses (on the basis of academic or professional preparation, students may petition for the waiving of any of these courses with substitution of another approved course):
SMPA 6202Media Effects, Public Opinion, and Persuasion
SMPA 6204Strategic Political Communication
SMPA 6241Research Design
Three 1-credit courses in strategic communications skill, each focused on a different skill:
SMPA 6201Strategic Communications Skills
Elective Courses - An additional six courses with approval of the advisor (in all cases, the burden will be on students and advisors to choose elective courses that form a coherent set). At least two of the courses must be selected from the following:
SMPA 6203Information, Technology, and Political Communication
SMPA 6205Media, Development, and Globalization
SMPA 6206Advocacy Communication and Political Networks
SMPA 6207Political Persuasion and Public Opinion
SMPA 6210Media & Foreign Policy
SMPA 6220Strategic Practicum (students doing the strategic communication capstone option may not count SMPA 6220 toward electives)
SMPA 6221Communication and Technology Practicum
Capstone Option—Students complete 6 additional credits in one of the following ways, as approved by the advisor (students should consult with their advisor on their plan for the capstone in the second semester of the graduate program):
Option A. Writing a research thesis:
SMPA 6998
  & SMPA 6999
Thesis Research
   and Thesis Research
Option B. Completing a supervised in-depth media project:
SMPA 6297
  & SMPA 6298
Capstone Project
   and Capstone Project
Option C. Writing a supervised strategic communication project designed to solve a client’s communication-related problem:
SMPA 6220Strategic Practicum
SMPA 6298Capstone Project