Dual Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts programs in Fine Arts and Art History

Dual Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Art History and Master of Arts in the Field of Art History

The dual bachelor of arts with a major in art history/master of arts in the field of art history offers undergraduate students who are excelling in their studies the opportunity to advance to graduate level coursework in their senior year and enter the MA program upon graduation. Students must meet the art history undergraduate major requirements. During their senior year students take 9 credits of graduate art history courses (6000 level), including AH 6258 Art Historiography, which count towards both the BA and the MA degrees. Students must receive a grade of B or above in the graduate coursework taken while an undergraduate. If a minimum grade of B is not earned, the course(s) will not apply to the MA degree. If the student earns a B or above, these grades are used when computing their graduate GPA. After graduating with the BA degree, students take an additional 27 credits at the 6000 level. As many as 6 credits of graduate coursework may be completed outside the department with approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Students must submit one qualifying paper after the completion of 18 credits. Students must pass a reading examination in Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, or Spanish.  If a student’s research is in a language other than those listed above, the student may demonstrate proficiency in said language in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Dual Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Fine Arts and Master of Arts in the Field of Art Therapy

Students interested in this dual degree program should consult the director of the Art Therapy Program early in the junior year.