Dual Master of Science in the Field of Data Science and Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

Master’s in Data Science with Graduate Certificate in GIS Curriculum Map For the Data Science Master's degree, the requirements are:

Core(4 COURSES):

  • DATS 6101         Introduction to DataScience
  • DATS 6102         Data Warehousing
  • DATS 6103         Introduction to DataMining
  • DATS 6501         Data Science Capstone

Advanced (4 COURSES):

  • DATS 6202         Machine Learning I: Algorithm Analysis
  • DATS 6203         Machine Learning II: Data Analysis
  • DATS 6401         Visualization of Complex Data
  • DATS 6402         High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing


  • DATS 6201        Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization
  • DATS 6499        Data Science Applied Research
  • DATS 6450        Topics in Data Science
  • GEOG 6304       Geographical Information Systems I
  • STAT 6210         Data Analysis
  • STAT 6214        Applied Linear Models
  • STAT 6242        Modern Regression Analysis

The Geographical Information Systems Graduate Certificate requires completing 4 courses, 2 of which (6 credits) can be used to meet elective requirements for the Data Science M.S.. A student pursuing both the degree in data science and certificate in GIS would be able to complete both programs by completing 36 credits.