Master of Science in the Field of Bioinformatics and Molecular Biochemistry

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

In addition to the required curriculum, students select one of two offered tracks and choose between non-thesis and thesis options. For the non-thesis option, 30 credits, including 17 credits in required courses and 13 credits in elective courses are required. For the thesis option, 30 credits, including 17 credits in required courses, 7 credits in elective courses, and 6 credits in thesis are required.

BIOC 6221Proteins, Pathways, and Human Health
BIOC 6222Biochemical Genetics and Medicine
BIOC 6223Bioinformatics
BIOC 6227Biochemistry Seminar (taken twice for a total of 2 credits)
Required for bioinformatics track
BIOC 6236Medical Genomics
BIOC 6237Proteomics and Biomarkers
BIOC 6240Next Generation Sequencing
Required for biochemistry track
BIOC 6224Molecular Biology and Protein Methods
BIOC 6260Analytic Methods for Lipids and Carbohydrates
Electives and thesis
Non-thesis option: 13 credits in elective courses.
Thesis option: BIOC 6998, BIOC 6999, and 7 credits in elective courses.

Students who choose the thesis option should consult the department for details.