Master of Arts in the Field of Art Therapy Practice

The master of arts in the field of art therapy practice degree program is intended for those who hold a master’s degree in an approved related field (such as counseling or social work) that included designated graduate coursework.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

30 credits, including 27 courses in required courses and one 3-credit elective course.

ARTH 6205History and Theory of Art Therapy
ARTH 6221Studio/Technique of Art Therapy
ARTH 6234Group Process
ARTH 6235Social and Cultural Diversity
ARTH 6241Assessment Procedures
ARTH 6263Ethics and Professionalism I: Principles
ARTH 6264Ethics and Professionalism II: Applications
ARTH 6281Practicum in Art Therapy
Two courses from the following selected in consultation with the advisor:
ARTH 6210Counseling/Art Therapy Process
ARTH 6211Process of Counseling and Art Therapy: Theory
ARTH 6271Art Psychotherapy and Trauma I: Theory and Approaches to Treatment
Area of specialization
One or two courses from the following, for a total of 3 credits:
ARTH 6207Human Development and Art Therapy I: Child and Adolescent
ARTH 6208Human Development and Art Therapy II: Adults and Senior Adults
ARTH 6212Creativity, Symbolism, and Metaphor
ARTH 6233Marital and Family Art Therapy/Counseling
ARTH 6243Substance Abuse and Addictions
ARTH 6265Advanced Issues in Psychotherapy and Art Therapy (taken for 1 credit)
ARTH 6272Art Psychotherapy and Trauma II: Loss, Countertransference, and Resiliency
ARTH 6292Special Projects in Art Therapy (taken for 1 credit)

Required Coursework for the Master’s Art Therapy Practice—30credits

Required by ATCB (24cr)

ARTH 6205                History & Theory of Art Therapy                                                  2 credits

ARTH 6221                Studio & Technique of Art Therapy                                              3 credits                

ARTH 6234                Group Process                                                                            3 credits                

ARTH 6235                Social and Cultural Diversity                                                       3 credits                

ARTH 6241                Assessment Procedures                                                             3 credits                

ARTH 6263                Ethics and Professionalism I                                                       1 credit

ARTH 6264                Ethics and Professionalism II                                                       2 credits

                                                                                                                                        Total 17 credits

Will be advised into two courses below dependent upon previous coursework and experience

ARTH 6210                Counseling/Art Therapy Process                                                   3 credits                

ARTH 6211                Counseling/Art Therapy Theory                                                    3 credits                

ARTH 6271                Art Psychotherapy & Trauma I                                                      3 credits                

                                                                                                                                          Total 6cr/23 credits

Additionally must take
ARTH 6281                Practicum in Art Therapy                                                                1 credit (need 4)

                                                                                                                                          Total 6cr/27 credits

Choose one or two below to equal 3 credits of specialization

ARTH 6207                Human Development: Child & Adolescent                                  2 credits                

ARTH 6208                Human Development: Adults & Seniors                                      2 credits

ARTH 6212                Creativity & Symbolism                                                               2 credits

ARTH 6233                Marital & Family Counseling Art Therapy                                    3 credits

ARTH 6243                Substance Abuse & Addictions                                                   3 credits

ARTH 6265                Advanced Issues in Psychotherapy and Art Therapy                  1 credit  

ARTH 6272                Art Psychotherapy & Trauma II                                                    3 credits                

ARTH 6292                Special Project: Culminating Project                                           1 credit

                                                                                                                                        Total 3cr/30 credits

                                                                                                            Total Credits   30 credits

 Visit the Art Therapy Practice Program website for additional information.